Our Technology
Fueling the future of robotic power
CaPow replaces costly and hazardous batteries with a continuous energy ecosystem. This patented technology ends the need for robot downtime due to charging, maintaining optimal throughput. Enjoy seamless integration, hassle-free deployment, and easy day-to-day usage with CaPow’s flexible system.
The search for the complete robotic power solution is over.
How It Works?

Genesis’ lightweight Receiver is integrated into the robotic platform

Genesis is agnostic to robotic platform types and to battery models. All is supported!

The Receiver can be integrated either in parallel with existing batteries and extend their life-cycle, or with CaPow’s own powerpack to entirely replace batteries.

Double-shielded, extra-thin Sticker antennas are placed over the robot

Placement position of the antennas is fully customizable- Stickers can be placed anywhere around the robot, and the sticker shape is adapted to the placement area.

Facility-side Sticker antennas are placed in strategic places over the movement surface

Stickers are highly durable, with length and dimensions easily customized according to movement surface and robotic platform needs.

Movement over the floor stickers creates a wireless energy flow that power-boosts the robot while in-motion.

Double-Boost effect- Simultaneous powering and charging

Genesis smartly distributes the generated energy both to powering the robot to continue its motion and charging its energy source.

Facility layout planning with CaPow’s Floor Planner app

Facility layout is uploaded into CaPow’s Floor Planner app along with desired robotic operational planning. 

CaPow’s unique algorithm calculates strategic sticker placement areas in order to deliver maximum energy with minimal Sticker antenna coverage.

It’s that simple to make your facility CaPowered.

100% of your fleet works 100% of the time!

Power flow that adapts to the real world
Finally – power supply that adapts to real-world conditions. CaPow’s adaptive lock-in technology transfers power over a capacitive field that continuously adjusts the energy delivery to maintain optimal transfer conditions under dynamic variations. This compensates for changes in distance, alignment, and medium materials to seamless power flow.

See how CaPow can put
your robotic fleet in perpetual motion