Revolutionizing the future of robotic power delivery

CaPow’s market unique in-motion power delivery system  transfers energy to robotic fleets while they are en-route, thus eliminating inefficient charging downtime.

With both powering the robot to continue its motion AND simultaneously charging its power source, Genesis ensures 100% uptime for 100% of your fleet. 

The search for the complete robotic power solution is over.

How Does In-Motion Power delivery work?

Genesis’ lightweight Receiver is integrated into the robotic platform

  • Plug & Play integration using standard interfaces
  • Hardware-agnostic design supporting all robotic models and battery types
  • Genesis can be utilized for both powering new designs and retrofitting existing models.

Double-shielded receiver antennas are placed over the robot

  • Easy mounting everywhere along the robot- top, bottom, or sides
  • Size and formation is customizable
  • No interference with internal component functionality

Facility-side antennas are placed in strategic locations over the movement surface

  • Highly durable (> 23MPa)
  • Length and dimensions customized according to need
  • Easy mounting, no excavation needed
Powering and charging solution

Double-Boost effect- Simultaneous powering and charging

Genesis smartly distributes the generated energy both to powering the robot to continue its motion and charging its energy source.

Layout planning with CaPow’s Floor Planner tool

CaPow’s unique algorithm uses platform specifications and required routes to calculate strategic antenna placement areas that ensure maximum efficiency with minimal coverage.

Floor Planner

It’s that simple to make your facility CaPowered.

100% of your fleet works 100% of the time!

Genesis- the only solution that addresses THE root cause- power deficiency

Finally- A technology that allows you to tackle the automation industry’s biggest root cause for ROI inflation and sub par efficiency- solution downtime.

CaPow’s unique technology is designed to overcome the challenges that traditional power delivery solution simply cannot solve just by static charging.

See how CaPow can put
your robotic fleet in perpetual motion