Tackle your solution inefficiencies with CaPow’s Power-in-Motion platform

With Genesis, CaPow’s Power-In-Motion platform, your robotic fleet will receive continuous power flow while on their route, enabling round-the-clock operation. Enhance sustainability and significantly increase your operational efficiency

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Next-Gen Power Delivery Platform for AGVs, AMRs, and Beyond
Support challenges

Easy Integration

Safety issues

Enhanced Safety

Reduced throughput

Reduced OPEX

Increased OPEX

Increased Throughput

CaPow optimizes manufacturing, logistics, and commerce with Power-In-Motion, ensuring 100% uptime for AGV/AMRs. No fleet expansion or charging stations needed. Most of today’s robotic fleets are dependent on batteries and charging stations for power, requiring operators to invest in recharging, replacing, and recycling batteries. This reduces throughput capacity, and creates safety issues. Current ‘wireless’ energy solutions require stationary charging, which increases OPEX. CaPow’s power delivery platform solves all of the above by providing optimized next-gen power delivery platform for automated operations.

Hyper-Operational Efficiency

Continuous motion


Change your definition of operational efficiency. Deploy CaPow in your fleet and robot downtime is over. With nonstop power to your fleet, CaPow ensures 100% uptime 100% of the time. There are no batteries to change or charging stations to enter.
SuperCapacitor - a new kind of power

Lithium-Free Power

Batteries are obsolete once CaPow is fully deployed on a robot fleet. Removing them (especially lithium batteries) from your fleet eliminates safety hazards, increases sustainability, and helps avoid damage to your reputation from power malfunctions and battery recalls.

Condensed fleet

Condensed Fleet

Stationary charging means that you need more robots to cover the time when some are out of action. CaPow removes the need for replacement robots, so you maximize your overall ROI by deploying the exact number of robots needed for the job.

Efficient. Safe. Constant.

CaPow’s perpetual power delivery ecosystem brings continuous motion to automated robotics fleets (AMRs). Challenging robot manufacturers, solution providers, and operators to change their definition of operational efficiency, CaPow maintains consistent power for moving robots, ending the concept of robot ‘downtime’. Harnessing the potential of its unique solution, CaPow eliminates the need for lithium batteries or stationary charging ports. Immediately scalable and industry-agnostic, CaPow can be integrated seamlessly into any hardware and deployed in any facility.

Headache-free integration

CaPow’s solution can be easily integrated into both existing and newly designed AMR models, allowing them to receive power from CaPow’s antenna stickers on the warehouse floor. As the robot moves over the sticker, power is provided for both immediate and later use, creating a perpetual source of energy. CaPow’s ‘Floor Planner’ software tool allows you to easily plan your CaPow deployment.

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CaPow enables warehouse operators to maintain constant throughput by reducing the hassle of batteries and associated risks. Fleet management is simplified with downtime eliminated thanks to CaPow’s continuous energy flow. Genesis will boost your ROI.
Solution Providers

Solution Providers

CaPow gives solution providers a competitive edge, allowing them to offer their clients greater fleet flexibility, reduced OPEX, and increased ROI. The CaPow solutions allow for adaptable warehouse planning as any changes to layout or load changes do not affect the system.
AMR Manufacturers

AMR Manufacturers

CaPow helps robot manufacturers to extend their offering by either replacing or integrating with existing batteries, opening the potential for robots to operate in sub-zero temperatures, more space for additional product features, and removing potential hazards.