You are currently viewing Redefining Logistics: CaPow’s ‘Genesis’ Technology Attracts Industry Giants: See It in Action at Modex 2024

Redefining Logistics: CaPow’s ‘Genesis’ Technology Attracts Industry Giants: See It in Action at Modex 2024

Discover How CaPow’s Power-In-Motion Solution Redefines Efficiency and Creates Zero-Downtime for Leading Brands in Logistics at Modex

In a game-changing move set to redefine warehouse automation, CaPow is thrilled to showcase Genesis, its revolutionary Zero-Downtime Power-In-Motion Solution for Mobile Robots, at MODEX 2024. This cutting-edge technology eliminates charging downtime, marking a monumental shift in operational efficiency.

 CaPow, the sole provider of power-in-motion delivery solutions for autonomous mobile robots, is proud to demonstrate its game-changing innovation, Genesis, at MODEX 2024. With the patented in-motion power delivery technology, Genesis ensures that mobile robotic fleets can operate continuously without any throughput losses, empowering warehouses and manufacturing facilities to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.

 Eliminating Downtime, Maximizing Efficiency

 At the heart of CaPow’s Genesis solution lies its ability to eliminate charging downtime and operational inefficiencies. By harnessing the power of in-motion energy delivery, Genesis reduces the total cost of ownership by an average of 32% while slashing operational losses related to automation by more than 50%. This breakthrough technology introduces a new era where minimal downtime is no longer the best-case scenario – it’s eliminated.

Experiencing the Future of Logistics

 With the logistics industry projected to reach a staggering value of 18.23 trillion USD by 2030, the need for innovation has never been greater. CaPow’s Genesis solution addresses long-standing industry challenges, including the dependency on static charging and the logistical hurdles of battery swapping. By ensuring 100% operational uptime for entire fleets of robots, Genesis reshapes the operational efficiency equation, driving unparalleled cost savings and revenue generation opportunities for businesses.

100% Uptime 24/7- A Vision Turned Reality

 “We are thrilled to showcase the unmatched capabilities of Genesis at MODEX,” said Professor Mor Peretz, CEO and Co-Founder of CaPow. “Our technology brings to life the vision of empowering operators while eliminating charging downtime, turning what was once a fantasy into a reality. With the demand for automated mobile robots on the rise across industries, the importance of uninterrupted operations has never been clearer.”

Retrofit- Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

 CaPow’s Genesis solution seamlessly integrates into all mobile robot makes and models, both existing and newly designed, offering a hassle-free transition for warehouse operators. This fully scalable system can be installed anywhere. Mobile robots are able to work and charge on the go, without changing their operational route. With constant energy delivery in place, CaPow dramatically reduces upfront costs and eliminates the need for additional fleets.

Experience Genesis at MODEX 2024

 Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Genesis in action at MODEX 2024! Visit booth A12320 to see the live demonstration and discover how CaPow is redefining warehouse automation efficiency.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from CaPow as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in warehouse automation!