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Energy Management in Automation: Discover the Strength of Power-In-Motion

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At CaPow, our mission is clear: to radically transform traditional efficiency and energy management paradigms in automation and drive industries towards a future of hyper-efficiency, thanks to our brilliant power-in-motion capabilities.

Challenges in Traditional Automation

When we explore the world of automation, we’re confronted with inherent inefficiencies impacting current solutions. These inefficiencies arise from high initial costs, ongoing support challenges, safety concerns, and the constant struggle to achieve optimal efficiency while combating reduced throughput.

The Energy Challenge: A Variety of Obstacles

The heart of these challenges? Energy. Energy inefficiencies manifest in various ways, from frequent bot downtime due to charging needs to inflated fleets, excessive initial costs, and even the space constraints imposed by traditional power solutions within warehouse setups.

CaPow: Pioneering Power-In-Motion

At CaPow, we dared to ask, “What if?” What if we could transform automation by ensuring that solutions run continuously, powering 100% of the fleet, all the time? What if we could extend solution lifecycles, slash ownership costs, and liberate industries from outdated power dependencies?

CaPow is not just a company; it’s a vision brought to life—a fusion of super-unique technology and radical ambition. The heart of our technology lies in capacitive power, which enables us to reach perpetual power, a concept that fuels our core essence and drives us to reshape the automation landscape.

Redefining Possibilities with CaPow’s Genesis

Genesis—the core of our innovation. CaPow’s Genesis isn’t just another wireless product; it’s a power delivery ecosystem precisely crafted for moving robots. Unlike conventional power solutions that dictate robot stops for recharging, Genesis redefines the norm. It powers robots seamlessly during their operations, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and optimal efficiency.

Adaptability at Its Core

Our solution isn’t bound by hardware constraints or battery types. Whether it’s AGVs, AMRs, ASRA solutions, and more, CaPow’s Genesis adapts effortlessly. Lead, acid, lithium, super caps—you name it, we power it. Surface variations are inconsequential; whether it’s concrete, wax deck floors, or vertical movements, CaPow’s Genesis delivers.

Intelligent Integration for Efficiency

The magic of Genesis lies in its inventive integration into robots and facilities. On the robot side, our lightweight Genesis receiver seamlessly fits into the system, acting as a power nexus without necessitating extensive modifications. The power delivery isn’t just efficient; it’s intelligent, ensuring optimal power distribution without compromising operational dynamics.

Strategic Floor Antenna Placement

Facility-side integration is equally seamless. Customizable antennas, strategically placed, serve as power channels, ensuring robots stay charged and operational without sacrificing valuable floor space. The efficiency gains are tangible, with minimal stickers powering entire fleets, optimizing and simplifying operations.

Flexibility in Battery Strategies

Our vision doesn’t end with power delivery; it extends to battery management and strategic planning. Our floor planner tool empowers clients to optimize antenna placement, utilizing energy in high-traffic zones and critical operational areas.

Moreover, we offer flexibility in battery strategies—be it extending existing battery life, reducing spec batteries, or eliminating batteries altogether in favor of our supercapacitor solutions. Each approach is carefully crafted to align with client needs, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency gains.

Conclusion: Driving Towards a Super-Efficient Tomorrow

At CaPow, we’re not just redefining energy management; we’re crafting a new narrative for automation. Our journey isn’t just about technological innovation; it’s about empowering industries, enhancing efficiency, and paving the way for a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

As we navigate this journey, our commitment remains faithful—to unlock efficiency potentials, and drive industries towards a brighter, perpetually powered tomorrow.